"Imagine a day when a book swings open on silent hinges

    and a place you've never seen before welcomes you home."

        --Sarah Thomson








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Get Involved

Skyline Literacy Coalition is always looking for Basic Reading and ESL tutors.  Please call us at 1 (540) 879-2933 or email skylitdeb@comcast.net to get on our prospective tutor list.  You can also fill out a Volunteer Interest Form.  Check out our calendar to see when the next tutor training workshop is scheduled.

We have one major fundraiser each year, a dinner and auction held in April at Green Valley Auctions, Inc.  All items sold are donated by local businesses and individuals.  Your support of this fundraiser and the Harrisonburg/Rockingham United Way is invaluable.

We also welcome the opportunity to speak to local groups about the literacy needs in our area.  Please give us a call if you would like a presentation given to a group in which you are involved.

You may also get involved by joining our 2007-2008 Capital Campaign.  If you wish to be a part of this effort, go to Donate and aid us in the process of relocating to Harrisonburg. 

























Please contact us for more information on our organization:

   Skyline Literacy Coalition                                Office Hours:
   P.O. Box 9                                                    Monday through Friday
   Dayton, VA 22821                                       9:00am-4:30pm
   1 (540) 879-2933









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