Below is the selection of programs that we have to offer community members at Skyline Literacy. Browse around and learn more about each program and the benefits they provide for our community.


Basic Literacy

Volunteer tutors work one-on-one with adults reading at or below a 5th grade level. Curriculum is based on learner’s specific goals.


Citizenship Preparation

Volunteer tutors teach small groups of learners with a maximum of a high beginner English level. The course includes U.S. history and government, reading, writing, and interview skills.


English Language Learning (ELL)

Volunteer tutors teach small groups of learners speaking, listening, reading, writing, and survival skills. Groups are organized by level, ranging from literacy to high intermediate.

One-on-one instruction is available for learners with specific needs.


Spanish 4 Professionals

You will expand your basic Spanish vocabulary in order to increase your ability to communicate with your neighbors, students, coworkers or clients. 


GED Preparation

Volunteer tutors work on-on-one with adults reading at or above a 6th grade level who are preparing for the GED exam. Curriculum includes reading comprehension, writing, science, mathematics, and social studies.


Computer Literacy

Computer literacy classes for beginner and intermediate students.  Learn computer basics in Level 1. In Level 2 learn how to do online searches, download and upload files, and create basic Word documents.


HEAL Program

Course for adults that increases their knowledge of current healthcare topics, medical terminology, and standard processes and practices.



Feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have. 

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