Tutors' Job Descriptions

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Skyline Literacy tutor! Our success depends on people like you to serve as volunteers for our literacy services. If you are interested in helping adult learners improve literacy skills in order to improve their lives, two hours a week can make a huge difference! Skyline Literacy is always accepting volunteers!

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  • Plan lesson before class

  • Use online resources and Skyline Literacy for supplementary materials

  • Guide students through book exercises

  • Lead class activities

  • Assign homework

  • Make general announcements

  • Communicate with co-teacher in between classes

  • Communicate with Skyline Literacy

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Class Assistant:

  • Small talk with students before class starts

  • Check homework before class starts

  • Take attendance

  • Set up technology (if applicable)

  • Write on board as teacher teaches

  • Walk around, help individual students as needed

  • Fill in as students’ partner when paired up

  • Demonstrate dialogue or partnered activities with lead teacher

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One-on-One Tutor:

  • Plan lesson before tutoring session

  • Work with Skyline Literacy to help determine student’s learning style, effective activities for them, etc.

  • Assist student with goal-setting

  • Guide student through material

  • Take into account student feedback

  • Communicate with Skyline Literacy about needs, progress, etc.

  • Turn in monthly progress reports

  • Assign homework